Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court
Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court
Judicial Branch of the Tennessee

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The Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court is the judicial branch of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature.

The Court has two primary functions:

Justices serve one-year terms that begin upon the adjournment of each year's TISL General Assembly; they may be reappointed twice for a total of three years.

The Court is open for business all year but spends most of its time preparing for AMC3 and the General Assembly, which occur over four days each November.

Justices are appointed by the Governor of TISL from a slate of nominees submitted by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. In keeping with Tennessee practice, the Court elects the Chief Justice.

The Court adopts its own Rules of Procedure and elects its own officers, including the Clerk & Marshall. Consistent with the Tennessee Constitution, it also appoints the Attorney General of TISL.

Justice William Koch of the Tennessee Supreme Court and Judge Frank Clement Jr. of the Tennessee Court of Appeals advise the Court on ethics, decorum and procedure. The Tennessee Supreme Court also provides physical resources and other support.

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Special Advisers

Justice William Koch
Justice Jeff Bivins
Tennessee Supreme Court

Judge Frank Clement Jr.
Judge Frank Clement Jr.
Tennessee Court of Appeals

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Justice William Koch
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